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Functional Movement Training

What is Functional Movement Training?

This type of training addresses less then optimal length/tension relationships of muscles/muscle groups. 

Muscles have an optimal range for length and tone. Stress, repetitive movement and injury can cause a muscle to deviate from this optimal range and become long/underactive, short/overactive or even long/overactive. When this happens it can create painful and/or dysfunctional movement patterns and increase chance of injury.

Who can benefit from this training?

Anyone can benefit from this training from beginner level to experienced fitness enthusiast.

Great start for beginners to develop a strong core, develop correct posture and correct movement patterns. 

Also great for more advanced persons who have reached a plateau in gains and/or have painful movements during training or just want to develop better movement patterns, which could really advance your training.    

What to expect with this training.

All clients start with a series of assessments to identify abnormal movement patterns and gather data to track progress. After assessments I will need 24 to 48 hrs to customize your program. It is recommended to meet at least 3x a week the first few weeks for proper instruction on the corrective exercises. 

These corrective exercises can be stand alone routines or used as a warm up before cardio or strength training.

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