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My name is Corinne Colburn-Sanchez LMT

Even as a child I knew I was destined to touch peoples lives. I just didn't know at that point that it would be so literal. While I know I am fulfilling density the only thing that saddens me is that I didn't start sooner.


Massage Therapy dates back 5000 years. In early 1800 Swedish doctor Ling created the precursor Swedish Movement Cure and in the 19th century Dutchman Johan George Mezger incorporated the four basic techniques used today. I feel my purpose in this rich history.

I graduated and became licensed in 2014, starting my career with my top choice job at a gorgeous spa in Lake of the Ozarks. Since, I have explored my field by working in various environments including a bed and breakfast in Hermann, Mo and working for a local hospice to name a few. Through my experiences I have formed my special interests and passions and determined what kind of therapist, what kind of person, I want to be. I want to be in constant evolution towards enlightenment and positively contributing towards universal consciousness.

In my personal life I am a mom to four of the best kiddos a gal could ask for. I homeschool all by myself leaving me little choice but to draw that strong line between work and family. Which is why I am only available Thursday through Saturday. Often I am left wishing the days were longer because there is always something to do. 

Most fittingly my third love behind the healing therapy and my children is music, the universal language. I'm probably the funny looking gal jamming out beside you at the traffic stop honestly and I'm not ashamed. So there is a little about me and I cant wait to get to know you.

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