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Why Integrated Massage

With integrated massage you don't have to worry about an extensive menu and can focus on your goals. I will use several modalities and techniques for a comprehensive approach. In my sessions I use a wide variety of relaxing to deep techniques addressing fascial restrictions, taut muscles and trigger points. I enjoy using my Himalayan hot stones, range of motion and stretching techniques and even some Craniosacral. I love performing prenatal massage and I accommodate children (with parent's present) to seniors in my practice. Included in my services I also use my signature pineapple infused hemp CBD or hemp seed oil to please the olfactory neve and an added layer of pain management with the CBD component. My knowledge is ever expanding as I am always studying to be able to serve you to the best of my ability. 

Integrated​ Massage

Divine Specials​

Craniosacral Therapy & SomatoEmotional Release

Customized Massage based on clients specific needs.

30 min: $35

60 min: $75

90 min: $105

120 min: $135

*Add guided meditation to your massage $15 

Integrated Massage Bundler: $300

Buy 4 60-minute massage get 1 free 

I Want It All Bundle: $350

3 hours of integrated massage

3 hours of craniosacral

Save $70!

The Sampler $90

30 m Dry Skin Brush, 30 minute integrated massage w/ guided meditation, and facial

The Pile Driver $90=60 min, $125=90

30 min pre muscle release and 60 or 90 min integrated massage with deep tissue intention

The Stress Reliever $120=60 min, $150=90 min

30 min dry skin brush and 60 or 90 min integrated massage, and facial. 

Transcendence $140=90 min, $170=2hr

30 m dry skin brush and 90 min or 2hr integrated massage w/ guided meditation

Complementary, light touch, whole body treatment to support and nourish your central nervous system and support gentle trauma resolution.

60 min: $65

90 min: $95

Craniosacral Bundler: $250

3.5 hours of Craniosacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release 

90 minute Integrated Massage

Save $52.50


Functional Movement Training

No Groin Work/ No Happy Ending

30 min: $25

Dry skin brushing: Stimulates and exfoliates skin, opening pores and aiding in detoxification and combating dry skin and cellulite. Recommended before massage but can be a stand alone treatment.

Pre Muscle release: Using the Hypervolt percussion tool I will release chronically tight muscles identified by previous massage or assessment. Recommended before massage but can be a stand alone treatment before stretching and workouts.

Human Movement Training

Improve posture and mind to muscle connection while toning down overactive muscles and activating and strengthening weak muscle groups. Contact me for more info.


This should be self explanatory. 


Loyalty discount: -$10 every 5th visit

Military discount: 15% off on Thursdays

Referral discount: 50% off

Leave a review discount: 20% off

*No double discounts*

Check out my YouTube channel! You will find stretch and release videos, mediation, vlog and other cool stuff.


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